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Nowadays the high international oil price which pacing up had made significant impact to the world generally, also can be said one of a disguised form to lower salary. That's why it is a perfect time to install nako mega power the fuel saver.

As the early 21st century latest breakthrough product, nako mega power is a nanotechnology, exceptionally one billionth size of molecules that refines air and fuel through emission, give effect to molecular hydrocarbon instantaneously, improving to complete internal combustion. This extraordinary product just need ordinary installation step which simply attaching the chip on the connected line, no-modification-required, and the further usage will benefit more and more. Pays Great Attention Specially.



  Nano Technology For Fuel Saver  
NAKO MEGA POWER, fuel saver is suitable for various types of vehicle engine whether big or small, old or new, on Petrol, Diesel, and Gas-engine. Only by attaching chips on the related pipe without any modification, can increase power up to 20% and reduce engine-noise, to accelerate smooth gear-shift, extending the engine life-span, eliminate the soot, Fuel Saving up to 15%-25% (depend on driving manner), cooling air-conditioning system. The quality assurance given a 3-year guarantee for product in use. Note: The circumstances applied differently on car-age, oil-quality, and driving-manner.
When you fill RM80.00 Petrol / Diesel: When you fill RM100.00 Petrol / Diesel: When you fill RM120.00 Petrol / Diesel: When you fill RM140.00 Petrol / Diesel: When you fill RM160.00 Petrol / Diesel:
save upto 10% = RM 8. 00 save upto 10% = RM 10.00 save upto 10% = RM 12.00 save upto 10% = RM 14.00 save upto 10% = RM 16.00
save upto 15% = RM 12.00 save upto 15% = RM 15.00 save upto 15% = RM 18.00 save upto 15% = RM 21.00 save upto 15% = RM 24.00
save upto 20% = RM 16.00 save upto 20% = RM 20.00 save upto 20% = RM 24.00 save upto 20% = RM 2800 save upto 20% = RM 32.00
save upto 25% = RM 20.00 save upto 25% = RM 25.00 save upto 25% = RM 30.00 save upto 25% = RM 35.00 save upto 25% = RM 40.00
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